Saturday, May 1, 2010



Many jurneys took place in history, like the Vikings, Cristopher Colombus to the new world, and many more, most of witch we know through written historical facts. Other jurneys that took place very many thousands of years ago, they have become legends, forgotten and ignored by historians, or believed to be just myths and not true history.

One of them was the incredible, and legendary jurney of  Argos, and the Argonauts!

Athena helping to build ARGOS in this ancient sculpture, (photo) but doesn't it seem a bit strange?

First of all, Athena as a "godess" she wouldn't be helping with the building of a wooden boat, and secondly gods never interfered in this kind of human activities, and most curious of all, what was the talking piece of "wood" given by Athena?
Some would say: It is only a myth, we don't have to take everything literaly. You see, the problem is that it is not just a story, all cities nentioned in this "myth" existed, many of them have been found by arcaeologists, and still do exist today, there must be more to it than just myths! Besides, they have been written by the greatest scholars of history, they wouldn't be writting tales, and untrue events!

Going back to our first question: Was the ARGOS just a wooden boat...

...or was it something more?

Throughout human history we have reccords of flying objects, depicted everywhere, from drawings in caverns, to religious icons, to the vimanas in India's writtings, and so many more up to our days.

1940's German flying machine.

Recent flying saucer...

It is hard for someone to imagine that existed civilizations far more advanced than our own in the past, well we are not the first nor the last.

Hopefuly some day we may know what hapened in the past through archeological finds, waiting to be found somewhere within mother earth, with great stories to tell.